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August 23, 2014


Michael Bain

Sandra, Unbelievable we are living almost exactly what you've written. Its dead on including the 6 organized suitcases. We too are headed for Halifax on the 28th. What's up with this need to be so far from Toronto? My wife can cry on a dime , a song , a tv show anything with leaving in it. The dancing cartoon of your daughter oblivious to your stress...you nailed it. I hope you don't mind but I posted your first two parts on FB my friends thought at first we wrote it! Great job. See you on the plane (with 200 other freaked out empty nesters).


Love this Sandra!

Marla Benderoff


Have read the first two parts of your Freedom 56 comic and want to congratulate you! I can most definitely relate to parts one and two (my eldest is rarely here and my 23 year old daughter is leaving Wednesday for school in Manitoba – we are pretty much empty nesters since my son is barely around and my daughter has been my BFF for so many years) – It's all great but the first few strips of todays excerpt “countdown” could easily have been written by me – 5 days to go – she is the most organized (almost OCD) packer I have ever seen (and a science major no less) – I am the erratic, losing something every day, right brained mom – am begging her to set up the camera for my IPAD and my computer – she has not been rushing to do it but last week agreed she will before she leaves, because, you guessed it...we have a dog and all she talks of is how she will miss the dog...

KUDOS to you for getting it right! Well done and well-written! I look forward to the final excerpts...hope I can read through the tears....Smile

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