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August 18, 2014


Graham Pincott

OMG! Our 20 son is 1 1/2 hours in from home in Ontario and our baby is going to Halifax next week! We too will be Empty Nesters. May I enjoy my life like her husband with his dog. (my parents sent me the strip from Montreal)

Sharon long

Empty nest is a piece of cake, compared to what happens after. I live in Montreal and a lot of young people are moving to Toronto. this means some of them are getting married and having children in Toronto. One of my friends is devastated, her son is getting married and she really has nothing to do with the wedding except pay the bills. My son eats once a week at his aunts house. She met his girlfriend before me. University is temporary and really they come home so often - this is permanent and they come home less and less. Enjoy the clean house.

Janice G

I am one year ahead of you with both kids away at university. My daughter two hours away by car, my son a plane ride away. I have my sad mom days, but then it gets better. :)

Mike Peterson

Boy, I'll bet you wish that whole Meech Lake thing had turned out differently.

Think how much closer she'd be if Quebec weren't there anymore!

(Hey, you don't get to recycle these things very often ...)

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