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May 07, 2013



I'll look forward to next week's series, for sure! :)


As a matter of fact...next week, it's Susan telling Maeve what she should (shouldn't) be doing...it's not very explicit but you can read between the lines. But...yeah, Susan does need to have the upper hand sometime!


Sounds fun - will look forward to it!

By the way, totally not trying to tell you what to do here, but I'd really love to see a situation in the strip where Maeve's at a loss and Susan is the competent one.

Sometimes their friendship reminds me of a line from one of Jill Churchill's mysteries: "Shelley's life was cut from a different cloth than Jane's. Jane's was usually unravelling at the edges." It'd just be lovely to see Susan be the one who saves the day or smoothes over the awkward situation or has the perfect solution. It'd be fun to see Maeve's reaction to it, too!

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