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January 14, 2013



Will do! :)


Strider Girl, thanks for your interest! The blog series with Kim is maybe, sorta, kinda autobiographical but not completely. I'm not getting rid of the blog. However, I AM moving my online furniture around and making some changes. Stay tuned.


Are this week's strips about Kim's blog autobiographical, by any chance, Sandra? Your small but loyal coterie of fans would be sorry to see the blog go down, but (sniff) we'll muddle through somehow... :)

Seriously, though, blogs are supposed to be fun - if it's just another chore, then it's not fun. You've got enough to do without more chores!


Sandra, I just wanted to say that I am LOVING this week's series, with Susan having to keep track of everything even when her family is trying to help. My laughter may be ever-so-slightly bitter, but is real nonetheless - as the resident keep-track-of-things-person in my house, these strips are really resonating with me!! HIGHLY enjoyable. :)

Alex Hallatt

Always fun to see another cartoonist's set up. Thanks, Sandra!


Oooooooh, looks GREAT! It's so satisfying to see a project come together.

Anne Morse Hambrock

Love it! I have a similar color of red in my back entry :-) It looks like a great space for getting a lot done!

Chad Frye

Where do you keep the trap door with the alligators?

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