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June 22, 2012



Sandra, I hope you don't mind my using last week's Between Friends strip in my blog to make a point.


Ah, I totally understand!!! I find myself being quite the grumpy old codger in that respect (and I'm not even 35 yet!) - making my friends take down or at least untag photos of me, trying to "curate my online presence" as it seems to be called now.

And trying to teach the oblivious young teenage girls from my church that they really aren't doing themselves any favours by posting bikini shots of themselves when they have 1600 Facebook "friends" but only know 200 of them in person. It only takes one friend of a friend of a sicko... But they're 15, and invincible, of course...

(sigh) Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now! Anyway, it was a great series of strips and captued the zeitgeist perfectly.


Strider Girl...thanks! It wasn't based on anyone in particular...just an overall ennui with the growing trend to take photos of every little thing and throw it all up on Facebook. I just find I'm getting tired of being at parties, events and never knowing when someone is going to take a photo of you chewing your food and social-media the heck out of it.


Hey Sandra, I'm very curious about last week's storyline, where Kim runs into an old friend who's now an obsessive blogger. It was a fun storyline! Was it, by any chance, based on someone you've met?

sac à main prada

Vad spännande att läsa detta inlägg! I år kommer verkligen att vara en mycket minnesvärd födelsedag. Congrats on your * vackra * hem och önskar dig många, många år har det fyllt med glädje och kärlek. :-)


LOL...the butcher paper story came from Kim Warp. My paper came from my uncle who worked at a local paper mill...he'd bring me leftover stacks of colored bristol board-weight paper.

Mike Peterson

Stirs a memory of someone recalling a childhood when they were given big sheets of butcher paper on the kitchen table ... was that you?


I'll put up some more next week. :)


I loved it...the sixth grade cartoons...please please please put up some more!!


That's good advice! And I'd say it can also apply to any field of interest your kid's into. :)

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