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February 01, 2012


status quotes

Hey great stuff nice info your passing on


I think I will go in for a simpler solution once it becomes too chaotic: just drop out!


*snort* I think you're right!


I think Facebook is fixing itself into needing to fix itself.


BLECH, I totally agree with you about the Timeline, Sandra! Although I did eventually figure out how to read one - there's a vertical line running down the middle of the person's page, a timeline, dotted with events in the recent past that are elaborated on with balloons that go out to either the left or the right of the line.

Apparently soon the Timeline will become the mandatory format for everyone on Facebook. So I'm trying to delete as much old data as I can now, because suddenly it will all become much easier for any of my friends to flip through and read, and who really cares what I ate for breakfast four years ago?

It really bugs me when people feel the need to prove they're on the job by "improving" things that are actually working fine the way they are. The same phenomenon is quite common in my cubicle farm, too.

...But on a happier note, I LOVE today's Between Friends! Where Susan is trying to relax on her day off, and everything in her house is calling out for her to clean it/organize it/dust it, etc. I LOVE IT! That's exactly what happens to me when I get some time off. I thought it was just my bleepity-bleep Puritan work ethic working overtime, but if Susan feels the same way, it must be a more common phenomenon than I thought!! Thank you for continuing to hit home with your slices of life!


Thank god I'm not the only one who feels that way!

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