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May 31, 2011


Margaret Shulock

I'm sure you recall what a brutal winter we had in our little corner of the world; so I refuse to curse the heat. Of course, I am one of those types who usually has gloves in her pocket.And not the little white ones for show.
Glad your taking a breather, Sandra. It's good for you! Try not to feel guilty.

Mike Peterson

(For any Yanks listening in, the rhyme that informed my life on the border: "Zero is cold, 10 is not. 20 is warm, and 30 is hot.")


Bangalore is one of the least humid places in India. :)


LOL...I suppose so, Jean! Tomorrow is supposed to be 23 C. That's the temperature I like...for summer anyway. My favourite season is fall when it's cool but not cold...just need a light jacket and the sun still feels warm.

The BIG question is...how is your humidity???


For some of us basking in 30-32 degrees C most part of the year, 27 deg sounds 'cool'. ;-)

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