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January 13, 2011


Mike Cope

The poster project sounds like a perfect opportunity for you, Sandra! I got a good chuckle from the wanting an A response too :)


Most of all relax, you can only do your best. I am taking university courses in French and it is definetly NOT my mother tongue...(thank heavens I can write my papers in English.) my professors and classmates are very supportive which is great.

Enjoy! and congrats for taking something off your list :)

Mary Ann

Okay, this is like going to see a movie for the popcorn. You want the popcorn (BA) and are stuck with the movie (course). Sit back, be critical and realize that the world won't end if the popcorn is stale (B) and if you tell a joke to start the seminar (there's your "A") in 20 years that's all anyone will remember.

Oh! YES YES YES draw out their thoughts, most learners relate highly to visual stimuli ....(Hence, the Visual Media component)the language is the punch line of the joke and institutional practise is doing a course to get a BA.

If you want some strategies that encourage participant to do the work so you sit back and lead (give them a coloured pen and nice paper) and ask them to prepare a report .... yah! make everybody else work ... that's the ticket ... give me a call. I happen to do this for a living.


Yeaaaaaah....Mike, I know. (It was a dumb thing to do, I admit it fully) But I'm not "face-known"...and I'm in a crowd of 120. And - outside of real hard-core comics fans, I think people who read comics would recognize the feature name but not so much the creator's...unless the creator is a household name like Charles Schulz. I just gotta learn to shake the "comic-strip writing" and self-deprecating writing style that I've become so used to doing over the years.

Kathy, seminar topics are scheduled so who goes first depends on how topics are assigned rather than by choice. I would love to be able to go second...see how the first ones handle things and then get it over with the following week. Facilitating the seminar is the biggest thing I'm worried about...even more than the anaylitical writing part. It's not because I'm nervous to speak up in front of people...I'm just not confident about the subject matter yet...now if it was a seminar about comics...

Mike Peterson

Yeah, good thing you didn't have to sign your name. She'll probably think it came from one of the other people in the class who draws a cartoon strip about women.


excuse the mistypings


Facliitae a seminar probably means to teach a class with asking lots of open ended question

Just don't go first, watch and see how the firstpair does it or ask the professor.

Announce in class that you a prettuy good artist, maybe bring a paper with some sketches on it and ask if anyone wants to be in a group with you. This has become a common method of having students show what they've learned and the kids are used to forming groups. Just decide when you can get together with your group.

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