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August 04, 2009


Susan Abe

Sounds like she was actually agreeing with the comic strip -- women who don't dedicate a large chunk of hours every week to bringing in money still do a lot of work. Some of which involves turkeys.

Margaret Shulock

I recently read a comment on the CC by a man who put me in my place. My gag had to do with the advantages of being post-menopausal and the line was something like"I understand algebra now but I have no fashion sense." He correctly[ I suppose] accused me of stereotyping the intelligence of women. Actually, I was only referring to myself!

Mike Peterson

Ran into a woman I had dated 20 years earlier, when we were about 19, at a reunion of a college rock band. She told me she was married, had no kids and stayed at home and then began, without my asking or even raising an eyebrow in the millisecond I was given, to explain why she stayed home even though she had no kids ... and I smiled and said it was good to see her and went and got another drink.

Like you say, it's best to assume they have something else going on that has nothing to do with you.


Well said!

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