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August 24, 2009


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anyone knows for sure I would love to know. He is from a litter that was born at camp in June and came to live with us this past weekend. NONE of us have any bunny experience so any helpful suggestions, comments are more than welcome.


Great job, both of you! Now I'm off to read the other interviews!


Thanks so much for inviting me to do the interview, Sandra. The questions were really good and thoughtful. The whole series of interviews you did with your cartooning girlfriends were wonderful.Such diversity!


Brian Fies

Great profile. It makes a difference when someone who understands the job is asking the questions.

Alex Hallatt

I love Stephanie's style and can't believe she does it all on her lap - I am envious!


I echo Peg's comment!

And I used to think these cartooning women do nothing but sit at their drawing boards and make us laugh.

Peg Cherre

Another great interview, Sandra. Thanks for these insights into the lives of cartooning women.

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