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July 13, 2009


transparent laptop

Ok I have an obsession with shoes (lol) and i need to know the best online...

Julia Suits

Hi Kim. Very interesting! And one of these cartoons just made me choke on my coffee.


I'm a huge fan, and this interview madee an even bigger one!

Web Design Seattle

Great interview and the cartoons are hilarious.


Kim is great. She's a great cartoonist and a great person and friend. Plus she is totally UN-pretentious. I enjoyed your interview, Kim! Thanks for that, Sandra.

Margaret Shulock

Mike is right about that butcher paper, what a great idea! I got all the white cardboard from the shirt boxes and the backs of envelopes.

Mike Peterson

This is wonderful, and I mentioned it on my own blog. No comment to add except that I wish my mother had covered the table with butcher paper!

Margaret Shulock

Hi Kim, I've admired your work from afar; it's great to get to know you a little bit. In some basic ways all our stories seem to follow a similar path. Maybe it's a woman thing?

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