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April 01, 2009



wow i love these, your sketchbook is specially inspiring :)


Love seeing the sketchbook work!

It's also interesting how the feedback can go both ways. It's a shame that one's skin needs to be so thick.


Hey, Robert...Jan Eliot and I are friends and yes, she is totally cool. And we've shared a few laughs over the "unsophistication" of some people over the years!

Yeah, Margaret...the venom in some comments takes you by surprise at first but then you just shrug it off for what it is. BTW...I've always thought being !!#@*% crazy was a GOOD thing.

Jean, you'd think that by the time a person gets to the college level their maturity level would have risen above such juvenile cr@p.


And my experience is from college(oh-so-long-ago) where hate messages were sprayed on the college walls with my name being the highlight! It stayed there for two days before someone (i never found out who!) removed it one night.

Margaret Shulock

Sandra, One day a few years ago when I was new to the Comics Curmudgeon I was scrolling through some comments about an Apt.3-G post. Suddenly I see before me this one line:"Margaret Shulock is !!#@*% crazy!"
Except the writer spelled out the Anglo-Saxon gerund. After that I think my hide got thicker. But it surely did stop me in my tracks!
crazy Margaret

Robert G.

It's not just on-line comics comments, either, Sandra. I was chatting with Jan Eliot at a signing one time in a bookstore. A woman came by and saw that it was for "Stone Soup," and commented, "Oh, that strip. Yeah, it's not really that funny."

Yikes! Jan was totally gracious about it, though.

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