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March 25, 2009



Thanks for posting your work at various stages and then adding comments describing your thoughts an actions.

Very interesting and educational!

Margaret Shulock

Sandra, that was truly fascinating! I must learn some Photoshop skill's;it's on my to-do list but oh so easy to put off.And I completely know what you mean about NOT STOPPING.I'm not as obsessive about it as I used to be but certain types of drawings should be done in one sitting. I can't exactly explain what types, but I know them when I'm drawing them.


Sorry, that one went off on its own. Really. Watching Maeve's smooth lines emerge was quite instructive. And from now on I am going to be watching toes all the time, LOL!






That strip about Susan and the coffee for March 22nd has got to be the FUNNIEST ever!!

And gee, this post is a revelation about the amount of work involved to get a drawing right!

Mary Ann

Thanks for thinning out the arms and firmming up the TA TA's!

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