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January 09, 2009



Good luck with the Google Ad experiment!

(It feels good to cross something off the list, non?

Tom Richmond had a similar experiment. Here are his results if you're interested:


Hooray! Good for you for getting this done. Couldn't help noticing the the Cappuccino Coffee ad...I guess you'll be seeing plenty of those here...

Mike Peterson

(oh, I see them now ... down at the bottom. Seem to all be ads for people seeking jobs. Must have picked up on how many visitors here are in the newspaper industry, huh?)

Mike Peterson

I think you can fine-tune what appears on your site, but there will always be glitches. When a close friend drowned in a scuba diving accident in Guam, it was my task to let others in our wide-spread circle of long-parted friends know about it. On gmail, the ads that appeared in the margin of that letter were advertisements for scuba vacations in Guam. Nice!

On the other hand, I'm not seeing any ads here anyway, so it's kind of academic for now ...


When I saw a google ad for 'Asian Women' on someone else's blog, I dumped it! It looked cheap and detracted from the site! It demeans the site. I loathe visiting major companies, CBC or Oprah, for example, and having to send my way through ads.

The ones on my ontarioseniors.blogspot were quite rational, but since you need a million 'clicks' to make a few cents off of it, I thought I'd delete it!

It leaves more space for your own photos and sidebars.

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