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November 07, 2008



I haven't understood till date what prompts people to send hate mail. I am yet to see a cartoon (in the comics page of my newspaper, at least) that would offend me. I laugh at some (most), I agree with some, and I don't connect to some. That's it. I guess some of these senders have nothing better to do so they keep sending some or other mail to cartoonists or writers whose email IDs they have!! Hate mails are attention grabbers, you have to admit..


Yeah, I can see why that would be a bit unsettling, for sure. I wonder why people sending hate mail never seem to run spell-check?

I remember in the Calvin and Hobbes anniversary book, the author commented on a strip (can't remember which one) that got him a lot of hate mail. He said, "I figured my presentation of the subject would be so ludicrous that no one would take it seriously. As I discovered, however, some people take *everything* seriously."


Heh, heh. I wrote that strip after I got a VERY negative e-mail a little while back. You really have to develop a thick skin in this job. The first realization I came to very early on was that my work wasn't going to appeal to everyone. That's not a big revelation, really. It's called "demographics". So, I have no problem with the fact there are people who don't like Between Friends, and that there are people who aren't going to like particular strips and that I'm going to offend some people no matter what I write. (not intentionally offend, mind you, it's just that you never know how the most innocent of strips are going to affect some people based on their own personal experiences) There's a difference between irate mail and "hate" mail though. The e-mail that inspired the strip you mention...that was hate mail...spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and bizarre rantings and all.


Hey Sandra, I noticed in yesterday's strip that Kim was rejoicing because her blog was becoming noticed enough to get hate mail.

Well, heck, if it would please you, I could try to write something negative here. :)

Hmmmm - actually, I can't think of anything negative to say. Sorry!

:) Rosanne

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