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October 14, 2008


Katie Thompson

Fantastic! I didn't know you would do a whole month of it... can't wait to see it all. You rock, Sandra!


Thank you for writing about this subject. Most people hae no understanding of the subject until they personally experience it. You know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month here in the US? It does not get the coverage that breast cancer awareness does, but just a few years ago, nobody would talk about cancer, much less breast cancer.


well it made me cry. I am helping a friend with escaping an abuser. We are on the "middle part" - work out the divorce.

Thanks for the story it is great.


this is just awesome. very moving.


I think I understand what led you to write this story.
And I think it was a very brave thing to do.
And I also think I know why you cried when you read the brochure.


So far so good.

Your touch on this is perfect -- I think you're doing a very nice job of letting readers read between the lines, respecting their intelligence but still forcing them to deal with some uncomfortable stuff.

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