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April 24, 2008



HA!! I looked at the date of that strip (from what I could see online) and it says it was published August 07...which means I wrote it late June or early July 07. Last week after posting it on this blog, I noticed (I think it was) Cosmopolitan had a feature about looking better naked on their front cover. Buzz word of the decade? "Naked"?


yesss! i think the local Vogue (that would be Vogue India) is running a feature that says something about real women naked! and the billboard caught my eye, and i've been planning to get hold of a copy since! (and now you've reminded me of that! )
I really love your blog...it's so inspiring!


Stephanie is very good at book titles...as I seem to recall, she came up with the title for a collaborative book of women cartoonists' cartoons called "Love Me or Go to Hell". Gotta love that one.

Mike Lynch

Stephanie Piro, whose great book of cartoons titled MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED flew off the shelves, told me that "NAKED sells!"

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