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April 01, 2008


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I love this story!! Thank you for sharing. I will remember this as I too have been developing a comic strip and I frequently ask myself if I am just wasting my time. Thank you so much for sharing.


Hey Sandra – a little birdie told me that today is your birthday!! Have a good one!


Thanks for the comments . . .I'm glad you enjoyed reading!


Wow! What a great read!

And ditto what Patricia said, Jay would love this.

r Thompson

Thanks, I love a story with a happy ending.


I've enjoyed it ever since I found it on King's website and then in our local papers! Glad you made it. It's nice to read a cartoony type strip that's still about contemporary women, and yet recognize something of myself and other women in it.


Thanks so much for sharing! (And for keeping at it!)

Stacy Curtis

A terrific ending to this series on how you got syndicated.

It's a great example of how hard work and a syndicate editor who cares about comics can make for a happily-ever-after ending.

Keep up the great work!

Larry Levine

Sandra, Thank you for sharing your 'Road to Syndication' story. Your success is well deserved, Between Friends is a great strip!


Sandra, I have LOVED reading this story. Actually got choked up at the end. It's so wonderful how everything eventually worked out for you – you truly did deserve a 'pretty good' life. Congratulations!

Oh, and I'm sure that Jay would have loved this story, too.

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