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January 29, 2008


Mike Cope

Thanks for sharing these, Sandra. What a great insight for any cartoonist ... You should put this kinda stuff in a book :)

Larry Levine

Sandra, Thank you for sharing this! I never had the honor of meeting Jay & this post confirms all the wonderful things I've heard about him.


Thanks for all the kind words.

Brian...the good thing about showing those "less developed" drawings is that no matter what I do now, it HAS to look better!! HA

Lynn, thank you so much for your comments. I heard yesterday that the Montreal Gazette is reinstating BF because of reader reaction to them dropping it. If you are inclined, please send your comments to the Gazette...they provide an e-mail for comics comments at the
following: comics@thegazette.canwest.com
The more response papers hear about dropped comics, the more chance there is of getting them back. Thanks again!

Lynn Lomon

I just love your blog. Please don't give it up! I've been reading your strip for a little over a year now and fully identify with these women. Thanks for being so frank about we "40 something" gals, and showing us how speical we all are in our own ways. I'm going to miss your strip in the Montreal Gazette. I'm pretty miffed with them right now for dropping BF.

Charles Brubaker

As someone hoping to get into this business, I thank you for sharing that.

Sounds like Jay was a great guy. Wish I sent stuff to him.

Brian Fies

Ditto all the above, plus it's a poignant treat for me to see Jay's distinctive handwriting again. Thanks for letting us see your ... less developed ... work. Not a lot of artists would be so open about that. (Nobody's ever seeing mine!)


This is great. So glad you are sharing. It's fascinating to see how your work has changed, and just how much hard work is involved in creating a successful comic strip. Also interesting to see Jay's comments, and his commitment to making your strip the best it can be.

Rod McKie

These are marvelous, Sandra. Looking at the easy sweep of your lines today, it's difficult to appreciate the long road toward you getting a real feel for your characters. This is a pleasure to see and read, and it's a valuable insight for any beginning cartoonists.

Mike Lynch

This kinda stuff is catnip to me. I admire your brave comments on your drawings, and really enjoyed seeing the minutiae (the noses, the jaw lines, etc.) that observant editor Jay Kennedy got into.

Thanks for all those scans, and thanks for writing this fascinating and informative insider's look at the business.


Very interesting to see the criticism, particularly since we often hear about how attentive and helpful Jay Kennedy was -- it's good to get actual examples of what it was that made him matter so much to cartoonists.


Love it! Thanks for sharing the early renditions with the original critiques. Very helpful to know that you didn't start drawing "perfectly" but instead developed with repetition and guidance.

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