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December 18, 2007


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will smith new movie hancock

I too really enjoyed the edgy nature of I Am Legend, now I am looking forward to Mr Smith as a washed up super hero this Summer in 'Hancock'. this will be abit of adeparture for him since the character is not very sympathetic for the first part of the film.


hey i've never left a comment on typepad before. it just asked me to copy some letters into a box " to prevent automated robots from posting comments."
wow i'm living in the future!


Well you sold me on that.
I'm going to go see it.

great cartoons by the way


My only criticism of this movie was that I wish the "Dark Seekers"...(the infected people) weren't endowed with Spider-man-like acrobatic powers. They really didn't need to be made so "over the top". Their appearance, their vampire-like tendencies and their gradually increasing intelligence in trying to trap Neville would have been more frightening if they were left more "real"...as the infected in "28 Days Later" were.

It'd be worth going just to see Will Smith. How many actors can pull off a movie basically all by themselves?

Mike Lynch

I kinda would like to see this movie, but I'm afraid of scary movies. Thanks for blogging about this, it inspired my blog to feed off of your blog:


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