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November 05, 2007


Mike Cope

Wow ... You only drank a glass of water?? Just kidding! Thanks for sharing your story, Sandra -- each chapter is very inspirational :)

Mike Witmer

I can only IMAGINE the jolt of energy you got when you heard Jay on your machine. It's such a bummer that he's no longer around. He was such a lynchpin for the comics community.


I'm so excited! What happens next? ;)

Love the story so far, Sandra, and yes, I can imagine that it was very had to try and write about Jay. I only met him once, but noticed right away what a special guy he was. And it was an honour to get a hand-written rejection letter from him, too!

Jonathan Mahood

Great story Sandra, I look forward to each installment.

Mike Lynch

Some great stuff here that all of us should read! Thanks for sharing this inside story, Sandra!


This is quite the story! I'm so glad you're sharing it with us.

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