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October 02, 2007



Thank God you held out for something better! And I LOVE your early cartoon sketch. Let me guess...the girl on the far left is the inspiration for Maeve, right?


In his letter to me, the editor of that small syndicate justified the sale by saying he had taken it out to "test the waters". I didn't cash that cheque for a long, long time...

Mike Lynch

Whaaat? The editor/publisher of the small syndicate sold a cartoon of yours without asking you if that was OK? Yipe! Not cool, not professional. Glad you did not go with them.

Crummy stuff like my cartoons being sold without me knowing happens every now and then. For all I know I may suddenly learn that my cartoons are now appearing on urinal cakes in finer gas station men's rooms from coast to coast ... and me not seeing a damn penny.

Anyway, I do like these behind the scenes takes on the business. I, too, got "nice rejection" letters from Jay Kennedy and Lee Salem.

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